Can the ads that appear on Google be controlled? Know the answers to many such questions


Apple has always been ahead in terms of privacy. The company considers privacy as the fundamental right of users. In the last few years, Google has also focused its attention on this. Usually, Google is accused of tracking user data. Meanwhile, through a blog, the company has answered the top questions that users ask Google the most regarding privacy. Let us know about those questions and answers.

Does Google use any personal information such as your health, race, religion, or sexual orientation to serve specific ads?

  • No. The company claims that it never uses sensitive information or content from your e-mails or documents to show ads.

Do your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos data play a role in personalized ads?

Google says that products like Gmail, Drive, and Photos are designed to store the personal content of users. They are never used to show ads.

Can the ads appearing on Google be controlled?

  • Yes. Google gives the option to the users, so that they can control the ads that appear. For this, users have to go to the Ads Settings page. From here you can also disable ad personalization completely.

Is there any way to find out what Google knows about me?

  • Yes. Different Google services collect different data and the company says that all the information stored can be accessed through the Google Dashboard.

Is Google Assistant always listening?

  • No. According to the company, the company’s virtual assistant – Google Assistant – remains on standby mode until it is activated. In such a situation, audio clips are neither sent to Google nor saved when no activity is detected.

Can the activity be deleted from Google Assistant?

  • Yes. Users just have to say ‘Hey Google, Delete This Week’s Activity’ and Google Assistant will delete the Assistant activity.

Can you see specific ads on Google?

Google says that the ads you see depend on many things. Like what you searched earlier, which site you visited or which ads you clicked.

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