Bye! Internet Explorer is shutting down after 27 years, people shared memories on Twitter


GoodBye Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s popular web browser Internet Explorer is going to be shut down from today (June 15). Internet Explorer was launched 27 years ago in 1995 with Windows 95 for PC. Initially, users had to pay money to use it, then later it was made free for everyone.

In the 90s, Internet Explorer was found in every computer, and this is the reason why people have many memories attached to it, and this is the reason why today, in its last day, users have expressed regret on Twitter, and Different types of memes have been shared.

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Service will be available on Edge
Microsoft said that users using Internet Explorer will now get all the features on Microsoft Edge, and it is much faster and more secure. The special thing is that in Microsoft Edge, users will get Internet Explorer mode, in which users can directly use the best apps and websites on Explorer.

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