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Hello! Guys today we are going to discuss the technologies used by organizations for their businesses. Before moving to our topic let us know about what is business? Business is the activity of making one living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).

Technology is a very wide concept. In today’s modern world technology is advancing day by day due to which the life of human beings has become very easy technology is generally, refers to all the tools, machines, and devices used in our day-to-day life it is the result of the advancement of science.

Basically, technologies are all the technologies that help an organization or corporation in smooth and better management of its business.

THE BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY Model understands and celebrates the fact that technology exists within many areas of the enterprise today. Often this technology cannot be influenced by the traditional CIO and IT function. The type of technology, location, and amount of technology will rightly vary with the varying type of business.

“Digitalisation is Using Information Technology in order to bring in new business models focused on customers and provides new opportunities for revenue and value-producing. It can also be understood as the process of shifting our business to digital business and is to increase on a massive scale.”

Technology is divided into four parts, which are mentioned below: –

  • Product Technology
  • Operational Technology
  • Business Process Technology
  • Customer Interfacing Technology

A business process technology is a process which we use to give some work in the form of services or products that we provide to our customers.

There is some importance of business process technology, which are mentioned below:

  • It is a time-saving process
  • It also helps in the clarity of work
  • It also helps in exchanging of goods and services
  • Decrease in opportunity cost.
  • Steps to follow business process are following: –
  • We must have an aim to achieve
  • Then we design and examine alternatives
  • Next step is that we should understand the process
  • Further, we should test the process
  • Then we will run that process
  • Then we have to observe the results

The role of technology in business is to increase progress and better achievements. Without the use of technology companies and businesses would have almost failed. Different industries and companies are basically dependent on technology because it improves business communication, optimizes production, inventory management, and financial record-keeping.

The top 5 ways to improve our business by technology are listed below: –

Increase your production: – As technology help us in many ways if we take an example to increase your production; if you find your employees are wasting a lot of time sending a message then we can launch an automated message program for the help of employees.

Now what happened with the technology we can be able to save our time and we can utilize that time in our production.

Provide better customer service: – Technology helps a lot to business before people used to be afraid to buy products through online platforms. but nowadays people use to prefer buying products from the online platform only because customers used to satisfied with the services. Like customers are getting proper knowledge about the products, how the product is packaging, where the product is right now, easily placing the order, etc. it all because of technology.

Improve in marketing: – Speaking of keeping your company in the minds of your customers, you can also use web application development to come up with a strong marketing plan.

Improve in flexibility: – There Should be an improvement in flexibility. If we want short-term changeable to change quickly and calmly. That we can deal with expected problems in an organization.

improve in secrecy: – When we are running our business through the internet then we should need to stay as safe and secure as possible.  If someone hacks are company important information or account. then he may create a lot of problems as that’s why it is important to maintain proper secrecy.

The advantage of technology in business is follows: –

  1. It helps in marketing and promotion.
  2. Business becomes easy and fastest by the use of technology.
  3. Technology provides better and effective management for business.
  4. By the use of technology, we will be able to manage our stock effectively.
  5. Technology Provides new ideas for businesses.

Disadvantages of technology are following: –

  1. Human beings get Used to fully depending on technology.
  2. it reduces job opportunities for human beings and leads to unemployment.
  3. More and more use of data.
  4. Technology leads to noise pollution and sound pollution.
  5. More the facilities, more the health issues.

Like, if we take the present example technology help a lot in human life. In covid If We are not having business technology at that time, we would not be able to get our daily routine products.

In covid-19 people used to avoid going shopping malls and markets to buy products. At that time people used to fully depend on technology. If they want to buy any product then they could buy it online.  There are also particular shopping apps for a particular product and they provide safe and secure deals to their customers.

As we can see there are many companies whose profit is increasing day by day because of their goods services.

As we are observing new generation is shifting to the world of technology very vastly. Like, if they want to eat something they order online instead of going out to restaurants, if they want to pay then they can use digital money, they can do online shopping instead of going to malls, etc.

India has achieved 46 ranks in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 prepared by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The rank of our country has been continuously rising in the last few years. it is raised from 81 to 46 from 2015 to the present. Hope this article will be helpful for you guys and you liked it.

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