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What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Uses & Benefits – Digital Namanji

Artificial Intelligence is on trend these days and it covers our surroundings very quickly like Google maps, face detection and recognition, chatbots, search and recommendations and many more. In this article you will get to know about artificial intelligence it’s advantages and disadvantages in our life, it’s uses and more. So check this article till the end and get more knowledge about Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, we are surrounded by many technologies, and one of the most popular and trending technology is Artificial Intelligence. From Siri to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is progressing day by day. Artificial Intelligence is designed to perform human-like tasks. Today the Artificial intelligence we use is narrow AI, which means weak AI that is designed for face recognition, internet search, and self-driving cars. And in general, AI which is strong AI is designed for tasks like playing chess or solving equations.

AI has an impact on many fields and is on research in lots of more fields in the coming days.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence 

  • Al to solve real-world problems – Artificial Intelligence helps to create software or devices that can solve real-world problems very easily and accurately like health issues, marketing traffic issues. 
  • AI analyzes deeper data –  using neural networks it helps find hidden layers. It builds a fraud detection system. Al needs lots of data for deep learning models because it learns directly from the data. The more data, the more accurate it becomes.
  • AI helps to make personal virtual assistants –  AI helps to create personal virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. 
  • AI adapts through progressive learning algorithms –  with the use of algorithms we can do operations very easily in Artificial Intelligence. Algorithm

can teach itself how to play chess, how to teach itself with the product which is recommended next online.

Where Artificial Intelligence Being Used 

  • Education – Artificial Intelligence has successfully entered the field of education. To help students for quick and easy learning and with fun. 
  • Healthcare – Artificial Intelligence is also used in the medical field to help find X-Ray reading and provide personalized medicine. 
  • Retail- Using Artificial Intelligence virtual shopping becomes easy, with many capabilities like personalized recommendations and purchase options for the consumer. 
  • Banking – In banking Artificial Intelligence plays the role of humans in some areas because it reduces human efforts. It helps in enhancing the speed, effectiveness, and precision of the work. It can work better and faster than a human in some areas.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  •  Reduces human errors – Artificial Intelligence reduces human errors. Humans can make mistakes but artificial intelligence will not if it is programmed properly. In Artificial intelligence, the decisions are made according to the previous information so the errors are reduced and the chances of reaching accuracy are more. Example – Weather Forecasting 
  • Availability 24/7 –  As a human needs a break after a duration of time and no human can work 24/7. So here Artificial Intelligence has big advantages that it doesn’t need any break and it can work all day, night. Using a machine, we can increase the response time and improve the kind of results irrespective of timing. 
  • Handling Repetitive Jobs – Many times we need the same job to be executed repeatedly here AI helps in this using algorithms. Machines can think faster than human beings and they can help to perform multitasking jobs.
  • Unbiased Decisions – AI gives us unbiased decisions, sometimes human beings think emotionally and that affects the decision. AI works on the algorithm so it gives the right and unbiased decisions without any other approach. 

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Expensive – Artificial Intelligence requires high setup costs and maintenance costs. Machines need regular repairing and maintenance which requires high cost.
  • Increase in Unemployment – Due to artificial intelligence, many human works are done by machines which leads to unemployment. Because machines do tasks faster and efficiently, every organization takes the help of machines for their work.
  • Humans are becoming lazy – Using Artificial Intelligence many works are done by sitting at the same place which reduces the effort done by us. That makes humans lazy and reduces their field productivity. In the future AI is going to expand more and more, everything will be done easily and simply without any hard work that is not good for the health of humans.
  • Can’t perform out-of-the-box tasks – AI can only perform tasks they are designed for. They are being programmed according to their requirement so they can’t do any different tasks.

Artificial Intelligence in Education 

Artificial Intelligence is successful in the improvement of several education instances, learning, and Student Development. It helped in many aspects like emotional well-being, children working understanding AI, and filling spotting the gaps between the educator’s content, and many more.

  • Personalized Learning – Artificial Intelligence helps to understand the daily schedule of the children and accordingly makes and suggests the schedule to the learner. AI helps in increasing the interest of students in their Studies by giving them a learning schedule, alerting them according to their work. 
  • Emotional well-being – In today’s time children’s emotions state how well and poorly they can focus and engage to learn. Many children understand the concept but due to the lack of guidance and focus they get confused, Al helps to find their emotional state and makes ways to get out of it.
  • Smart content for studies- We can generate digital learning content like digital textbooks, study guides, etc. using artificial intelligence. Updation of online content according to present. Keeping the information updated.
  • Task Automation – Grading, assessing, or replying to the student’s queries on time can be optimized using Artificial Intelligence. AI can provide hints to type or for going to the next process that will help and completing the task easily and quickly.
  • AI for special students with disabilities-  In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence is the best technology for the student with special needs like for deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired or other. AI tools can train students with special needs.

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Artificial Intelligence all over the world is putting its hands in every field and making diverse changes in it. It does tasks fast, efficiently, accurately and reduces human efforts and it doesn’t make errors like humans so it is highly recommended but on the other hand, it is increasing unemployment, affecting the health of human beings. Using machine learning and deep learning we can enhance artificial intelligence more in the future. 

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