Apple planning to launch entry-level iPad, will get features like A14 chip and 5G connectivity


New Delhi. Apple is reportedly planning to launch an entry-level iPad with an A14 chip, 5G connectivity, and a USB-C port. According to the report, Apple is planning to bring USB-C to the entire iPad. Earlier iPad Pro in 2018, iPad Air in 2020 and iPad mini in 2021
Updated with USB-C.

According to the report, Apple is going to upgrade the entry-level iPad with A14’s Bionic chip, which is used in the fourth generation iPad Air. At the same time, the A13 Bionic is used in the current entry-level iPad. The A14 chip gives about 30 percent better performance. Apart from this, the iPhone maker is also planning to introduce 5G network for cellular models.

Support for 10.5-inch or 10.9-inch displays
The upcoming entry-level iPad is also expected to sport a Retina display with the same resolution as the iPad Air. It will support 10.5-inch or 10.9-inch display. Apart from this, Apple is also planning to introduce new iPad Pro models later this year. The next generation iPad Pro will be equipped with M2 and may feature wireless charging via MagSafe charger.

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Apple dominates tablet market
Apple’s popular iPad series has dominated the tablet market by 58 percent. Apple has managed to re-establish its position as the top marketer in tablet retail. A report said that the company has registered a huge jump in revenue sharing during the second quarter of this year.

Intel at number two
Apple was followed by Cupertino-based giants, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung, with Cupertino-based giants taking the top five spots in tablet application processor revenue sharing in Q2 2021, according to Strategy Analytics. However, the iPhone maker has gained a huge edge over its competitors and dominated the tablet market by 58 per cent.

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Meanwhile Intel took second place. It achieved a revenue share of only 14 per cent during the same period. Shravan Kundojjala, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics, Handset Component Technologies Services, said in a statement that the tablet market declined eight per cent year-on-year after registering growth in five shipment quarters.

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