Apple and Google are bringing Passkeys technology to get rid of the hassle of remembering passwords



New Delhi. Apple and Google will soon allow users to log into different online accounts without having to enter a password. Actually, companies are going to introduce Passkeys technology at the end of the year. This is a new login technology, which makes the security of our bank account and email access more secure. Recently, Apple introduced Passkey in its Worldwide Developer Conference. This technology will generate unique passkeys for each app or browser based service instead of characters.

Once you set up a passkey for a site or app, it is stored on the phone or personal computer that you used to set it up. Services like Apple’s iCloud Keychain or Google’s Chrome Password Manager can synchronize passkeys across your devices.

Password leak risk
Passwords have long been a standard for securing online accounts, but there is always a risk of breaching them. Although experts always recommend creating unique passwords, people tend to use the same password for each and every account. In such a situation, their passwords are easily leaked. In such a situation, Apple Passkey and other technology giants want to solve this problem.

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passkey is better than password
Apple’s vice president of Internet Technologies, Darin Adler, said at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference last week that users using Passkey not only have a better experience than with passwords, but it also includes categories of security such as week passwords and reused. Credentials lost, credential leaks and phishing are not possible. He said that now is the time to adopt them.

What is passkey?
This is a new type of login credential, which is used by your computer or phone when you log in to the server. This is an identity authentication, which scans your face or fingerprints to login you. You must have your own phone or computer to use the passkey. You cannot log in to a passkey-secured account from another computer without your device. The passkey can be synchronized and backed up. If you buy a new Android phone or iPhone, Google and Apple can restore your passkey. You cannot view or change the Google and Apple passkeys due to end-to-end encryption.

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How to set passkey?
Setting up a passkey is very easy. When a website or app asks you to set a passkey, authenticate a passkey using your fingerprint, face or any other mechanism.

How to use passkey to login?
While using the phone, when you try to log in to an app, you will see a passkey authentication option. Tap that option and use the authentication technology you chose. Once you have the passkey on your phone, you can use it to facilitate login on any other device like your laptop. Once you’re logged in, that website may offer to create a new passkey associated with the new device.


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