What is Animation | Know Detail Information?

This article is on animation. Now animation is a technology that has expanded too much. In this article, I have covered some important points about animation like the introduction of animation, types of animation, animation tools, its purpose, career options from animation technology, and the need for animation.

At the end of the article, the article contains a conclusion of animation. If you want to know about what animation is, its features, types, purpose, and many more things about animation, this article will surely be helpful to you. 



Animation is a collection of moving pictures. It is a method where pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In animation, it looks like a video is playing in front of our eyes but no, it is not a video, it is the combination of many pictures or frames of any image.

Animation happens because of page frames. If we are seeing any animation so in one minute there is no. frames moving in front of our eyes and it seems like a moving image or a video. Now in this era, there are many use and scope of animation. Many cartoon episodes, movies, and also some study or business contents are animated.


  • Traditional Animation: Disney, which makes cartoons, animated movies use traditional animation. Traditional animation is a process of making many pictures on paper or any electronic device like tablets or others. In our childhood we used to make flipbooks, it is also a part of traditional animation. Draw many pictures and move them in no. of frames in a very short time and it makes an illusion of animation, it is a type of traditional animation.
  • 2D Animation: it is a vector animation. Flash is used to make 2D (two-dimensional) animation because it is easy to access for beginners. Now, 2D animation is very famous at this time and people are using this for animation.
  • 3D Animation: In this present time in reality 3D animation is called animation. Now in every field either in entertainment like movies, cartoons, or anywhere even in the area of education 3D(three-dimensional) animation is used. In 3D animation, there are three axes-X, Y, and Z.
  • Motion Graphics Animation: it is a graphics-based animation. It is used to animate text, animate logos, and used to make TV commercials and also we can create film opening sequences.
  • Stop motion animation: it is similar to traditional animation but in this, we use live objects and we apply some principles of movement of traditional animation. Some examples of stop motion animation are claymation, puppet animation, and used action figures to use stop motion animation.


There are many tools and computer software for making different types of animation. Some of the tools and software are given below:

The web software and tools are-

Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Animaker, Autodesk Maya, Synfig, Powtoon, Anime Studio, Adobe character animator, Adobe After Effects, Crazy Talk, TupiTude, VideoScribe, etc.


Animation is the process of designing, drawing pictures, and management of still images to generate the illusion of movement. Animation is used in multimedia and in gaming also. The purpose of the animation is to create moving graphics for the representation of an object.

Animation is very useful in the education field, so understanding things with the help of animation becomes easy with animation. In ancient times when animation technology was not so developed, it was difficult to understand this only by drawing on papers or seeing pictures of them, but now with animation, it has become easy. So hence we can say that the purpose of the animation is making things easy and very fast to understand.


Learning animation technology as your career option is very good, as now animation is very popular in every area either in entertainment, education or in business purposes. Now in every sector animation is used, businesses are using it to promote their business and for marketing also, they like to have any animated graphics or short movies related to their business. As in business in the education sector also animation is liked by everyone.

For learning any difficult topic related to study it becomes easy to understand it seeing it in animated form rather than only in text form description of that, so it is also easier to teach students with animated pictures. In the entertainment sector as you all know very well that how much- animated movies or cartoons are loved.

So choosing animation as a career option will give you a chance to work in any sector, it will carry you to a bright future. You can do a course like a diploma or a degree or you can learn it online also.


In the past, there were no such tools or software like now for animation, then flipbooks or simple paper drawings were used in place of animation but as technology developed many tools and software were invented and animation became easy.

  • It becomes easy to understand difficult concepts with the help of animation.
  • It is easy to describe anything with animation.
  • For digital marketing, the animation is used.
  • As in past times, a paper drawing was used, which was so time-consuming and did not have any movement illusion, so by animation, we can create a moving illusion with images or graphics which describes the thing very clearly.
  • It is a time saver compared with normal paper drawing.


As the above article describes all the features, properties, advantages, and many more. Animation is the process of designing, drawing, and taking pictures and graphics for gaming or multimedia use and generating the moving illusion in them. Animation is just many frames moving very fast in front of our eyes which makes a movement illusion.

Animation technology is very popular at this time in every area, it is very useful to learn this technology for everyone. It can be learned online or offline from any institute where an animation course is available.

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