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5 top reasons to buy iQOO Neo 6

Last year when I told you that you can get a smartphone with flagship SoC, 12 GB RAM, 6.62-inch 120 Hz AMOLED display with 360 Hz touch response, state-of-the-art liquid cooling, 64 MP monster camera and super fast charger under Rs 30,000. can, then you
I must have thought I was lying.

Well it is 2022 and I am not kidding as iQOO is offering it all with its new Neo 6 smartphone. This is the special reason why the company has called it the best phone under Rs 30,000. At the time of launch, you can take this phone at an affordable price of Rs 25,999.

If that’s not reason enough to pick up this phone today, here are five more reasons to buy the iQOO Neo 6.

powerful phone
iQOO Neo 6 is powered by the powerful Snapdragon 870 5G SoC. This chip when paired with a 36,907 mm2 cascade cooling system gives it a score of 740,000+ on AnTuTu! Apart from this, you get 12 GB of RAM and up to 4 GB of extended RAM. With this, you can multi-task as much as you want without any interruption in the performance of the phone.

Not only that, there is much more to it. With all these features, iQOO Neo 6 will soon support 90 FPS in BGMI via an OTA update and will become the official smartphone for BMPS (Battleground Mobile India Pro Series).

To make sure that you get the most out of this SoC, iQOO has equipped the Neo 6 with a 6.62-inch, 120 Hz E4 AMOLED display. Features have been added to this display according to the protection of the eyes. Apart from this, it has a long lasting battery. It also consumes 30% less battery while reducing blue-light by 6.5% as compared to the E3 display. It can also achieve peak brightness of up to 1,300 nits and supports HDR10+ in Netflix HDR 10 as well as other compatible applications and games.

To aid gaming, the iQOO technology offers 1,200 Hz instant and 360 Hz touch sampling rates. In other words, when you touch the screen for the first time after a short delay or when you are using the screen continuously while gaming, the phone does not get interrupted. It also works very accurately in recognizing touch.

To enhance the gaming experience and sound better, it comes with a dual stereo speaker setup and 4D game vibration based on X-axis linear motor that works with utmost precision.

great look
This phone is as good in running as it is good in looking. Its design is simple. In this, the glass on the front and the plastic finishing in dark nova and cyber rage color tones is very spectacular. Its rear camera island is embossed and adds to its look. Measuring 8.54 mm thick, the phone is quite slim and weighs only 190 grams despite the 6.62-inch display packed with Schott Xensation UP glass for protection.

All day battery…
All these features put pressure on the battery, don’t they? For this you are also getting 4,700 mAh battery. The SD870 SoC is powered by a 7nm processor and the E4 display consumes very little battery power. Because of this, the battery lasts all day, even when you are playing.

As a solution to the problem of battery draining quickly, this Rs 30,000 smartphone comes with an 80W charger. It is more powerful than the charger bundled with the Ultrabook. iQOO claims that 80W FlashCharge technology can charge the battery up to 50% in just 12 minutes and fully in 32 minutes. To do this, a single-IC dual cell design has been used in the phone.

best camera
We finally come to the camera system. The camera system of iQOO Neo 6 is as interesting as the rest of the phone. You get a total of three cameras at the back, which includes 64 MP OIS primary camera, 8 MP ultra-wide and 2 MP macro. At the front, there is a 16 MP camera with fixed focus. The main camera uses the GW1P sensor as well as supports OIS. It also has a large F1.89 aperture that delivers great performance in low-light, allowing for faster shutter speeds along with reducing noise. The 8 MP wide-angle camera covers a field-of-view of 116°.

Looking at these features, the iQOO Neo 6 turns out to be a really great phone. Especially, if you are a gamer and want powerful performance for your long and continuous gaming sessions.

iQOO Neo 6, Available on Amazon for Rs 29,999 Is. You can get it at an affordable price of Rs 26,999 after the exchange offer.

(This article is published by Studio18 on behalf of IQOO.)

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